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Just added FeedBurner to my blog

feedburnerlogoWow, there’s sooooo much to learn about blogging. When I started, I used the default WordPress theme and just wrote some articles. Hmmn, that was good. But I confess I’ve gotten hooked on this whole thing.

Today, I added FeedBurner, which is a tool (now owned by Google) that lets you get stats on RSS subscriptions to your blog. In case you didn’t know it, you can read this blog not only from my website but in RSS readers like Google Reader. But when you do it that way, I don’t what you’re reading or how many people receive the articles.

Why is that important? Well, as a lifetime marketeer, I finally have a way to see how what I do affects what happens. That has been fascinating, and it’s really what got me hooked. For years I’ve been telling people that the best measure of a marketing campaign is that if it feels good it probably is good. But now I have real cause/effect stats.

Are you using Google Reader? If you aren’t, you probably should. It’s an important part of what I teach in my personal branding classes, and I’ll write about it soon (it’s already covered in my slide presentation). I subscribe to about 70 different newsfeeds, which range from Emeril’s blog, to the Planetary Society blog, to the usual hi-tech blogs like TechCrunch and TechMeme. These newsfeeds are the way I learn about what’s happening in my field. A year ago, I’d never heard of LinkedIn or personal branding…

So please – if you already subscribe to my blog, please contact me if you have any problems with your feed. If you don’t subscribe, you can do it by clicking on the RSS feed button rss-feed-button.

For me, the ultimate goal is to see who is reading what on my blog. You can write it off to my natural curiosity, but this instant feedback loop also helps me keep the quality level high and to write more about what people are most interested in.

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