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I started this blog a long time ago. I wrote a lot about my experiences in high tech. I also had a lot of how-to information, some of which is still relevant. But my last post was in 2011. I kept the blog going because some people still came by to read the content.

Now I have a new reason: I’m fighting the biggest battle of my life. I’ve been diagnosed with ATTRwt – transthyretin amyloidosis, wild type (that’s a much better name than the previous “senile amyloidosis).

I hope to do some writing about this adventure. While this is considered a rare disease, that’s primarily because nobody knew to look for it. That’s changing now that the first treatment has been approved by the FDA. My goal is to help others with amyloidosis, especially people who are newly diagnosed – and their loved ones. First post is about carpal tunnel and ATTR.

BTW, nobody calls me Wally anymore, but there’s someone special to me who invented “Wally’s Follies” a long time ago, and it has kind of a nice ring to it.

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  1. James Boyer says

    Walt, I just wanted to thank you for your guidance given at the recent CPC Seminar. Before implementing a number of your strategies searching my name using Google was a true exercise in futility. After implementation I found myself accessible from a lofty position on page two; and there are a few of me out there. Thanks again.

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