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Audience comments from a recent presentation

thumbs-up-smallThought I’d share comments from a presentation I did recently at Experience Unlimited in Oakland. They are unedited. Oh well, I did put a couple of comments in brackets – and no, I’m not going to wear a tie. Been there, done that.

This isn’t entirely self-serving. For those of you who don’t believe you can do this personal branding stuff, read the reviews. This was not a techie audience. YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!

Good Day, Walter:

THANK YOU for volunteering your time to speak yesterday at the Experience Unlimited general meeting.  Below is a snapshot of the feedback we received on your presentation.  We use a ranking scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being Excellent and 5 being Poor.

You ranked 1 – Excellent on the match between needs as a job seeker and the presentation.

You ranked 1 – Excellent on the credibility of the speaker on the topic.

You ranked 1 – Excellent on the quality and value of the audio-visual materials.

You ranked 1 – Excellent on the presentation overall.

We received 35 evaluation sheets and all indicated YES, they recommend inviting you back in the future.  Some of the comments were:

“Very Informative as well as entertaining.”

“Awesome speech.”

“Walter had a lot of good information with great examples and reasons for the power of on-line tools in the job and career searches!”

“Best presentation of Web 2.0 materials I’ve seen.  Very useful and Walt is a convincing authority on the subject.  Well done!”

“Just the information I need right now.”

“He provided timely information in a well-paced, easily comprehensive manner.”

“Walter, this was very helpful.  The WIX reference was really helpful.”

“Presented a lot of important information to today’s job seeker.  Real informative.”

“Next time focus on one element of branding, like on how to build a website.”

“Thank you! Excellent presentation!  You provided an excellent roadmap.  I’m excited to get started.  Your presentation was clear and your speaking style engaging.”

“Do hand outs with sites spelled out.” [This is too expensive for my free presentations.]

“Good info on on-line networking.”

“I like how the speaker broke the overwhelming amount of info into doable steps.”

“Relevant info for the job seeker.  Good sense of humor.  Maybe a tie for the next time you present?” [Forget the tie! You get what you get.]

“More time for this speaker.  Excellent material but not enough time for in-depth explanation.”

“I’m still a llittle worried about identify theft and would feel uncomfortable if that was talked about when doing internet personal branding.”

“Nice! Like the positive stuff.”

“Acquired a lot of specific sites that will be helpful in my journey to self marketing/self promotion.”

“Because the room is large, need to make sure ‘font’ on presentation is visible to back of room.”

“Most helpful, very specific information for improving your chance of getting noticed for that next opportunity – loved it!”

On behalf of the entire Experience Unlimited members and the Marketing team, thanks again for your participation in our program.

Zenaida Garvey
Marketing Department
Experience Unlimited Oakland Chapter

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