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New blog section – Presentations

I’ve put my PowerPoint/Slideshare presentation on my blog, here.

Short WordPress lesson:

  1. You are currently reading a post. Posts are presented LIFO – Last In First Out. You see the most recent post first on the blog’s home page. Older posts fall off the home page and are available in the archives.
  2. I put the presentations on a page. Pages are shown across the top menu of the blog. The new Presentations page joins “Contact Me, My Personal Home Page.” etc.

If you’re not getting drowsy yet…

Pages can have keywords (tags) and can be assigned to categories. Pages can’t have those, because they’re already too important, and we don’t want them getting the idea that they rule the blog.

OK, now I have to explain keywords and categories. And I should also tell you that WordPress calls keywords tags.

The easiest way to think of this is that pages are like the sections of books – the top level category, like Book 1 or Part 1, 2, or 3. Categories are like the chapters of books, and tags are like the index entries. (Gee, what a thought, we could have used words people already use. No thank you mam (sir), this is the computer world, and we make our own damn lingo.)

This may all seem trivial to you, because it is, but like so much in computing, I never found this simple explanation, so it took me a long time to figure out how all these things suddenly and magically appeared all over my blog. So if you ever decide to create your own blog, maybe I saved you a few hours of searching.

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