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A cool personal branding site for college students

Check it out – it’s called, and it’s run by some smart young people who are building a company to help college kids establish themselves in the online world.


Most college kids today are already deeply into the Internet, but few have thought about how to use the Internet to help build a career. That’s what is all about. As students get closer to that dreaded day when they have to find a job, they’re going to find that MySpace profiles and silly stuff on Facebook just ain’t going to work.

I’d like to say that I found them, but truth be told, they found me. One day I had a nice comment waiting for approval on my blog – it was from Trace Cohen, one of the company’s founders. He wanted to talk to me about personal branding, since that’s what his site is all about.

Trace CohenIt’s really amazing – Trace is a junior at Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management. When I was a junior in college, all I could think about was – well you can guess (some of those thoughts are still illegal). For somebody his age to be involved with a project like this is pretty incredible, but the stuff he and his partners is doing is really good.

After a couple of emails, Trace invited me to be a guest blogger on their site Of course, I was flattered, since this meant that somebody else considered me a subject matter expert in personal branding. And this demonstrates that if you work at it hard enough, you too can become a subject matter expert at something.

So check out their website. It’s really too bad it’s just for college students. Or maybe it isn’t. Being an old fart, I’ve been reticent about signing up for their program and creating the only senior citizen website.

Oh yeah, Trace and I had a short discussion about my most recent post (not yet published as of 2/23). My topic was about how young people have to reinvent – rebrand – themselves as they approach graduation and the job market. He was a little skeptical, but he agreed after he read my post. And shortly after that I got a notification on LinkedIn that he had changed his “What are you working on” status to “Trace Cohen helps students create a personal brand and online presence.” Pretty simple, direct, and easy to understand. Passes the six-second test (you’ve got six seconds to tell me what you do or I’m out of here).

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  1. Bryce Giesler says

    This is a great article about a great website. I write for an “unofficial” college fraternity blog and this is exactly the kind of information the members should have. I took the liberty of referencing this post and the site in my latest post. Much success to all!