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From personal branding writer to founder

Almost one year ago, I got found. Getting found is what I had been blogging about for the previous year. In fact, my personal branding statement was “I help you get found on the Internet.”

And then it happened to me.

One of my articles caught the attention of an entrepreneur in Los Angeles who wanted to start a beverage company. He was looking for information on Google Reader, and he got to my blog through a Google search. (Isn’t that what getting found is all about?) He spent some time on my blog, and liked what I’d been writing about, and asked me to join the company.

So the past year has been a real roller coaster. An experience of a lifetime. And it has taught me many lessons.

I left the startup this week. It had consumed me, as most startups will, 24 x 7 for almost a year. But for personal reasons, it was time to move on, so I’m back to writing on my blog! If you’re curious about what we were doing, you can look at the website here. (I expect the site to change over time since I only got the first page implemented. So if you are reading this post some time after I published it, the link may not make sense.)

I’m not clear yet about the direction of my blog going forward: I’d like to write about some of the collaboration tools I implemented for our startup, but I may come back to personal branding at some point. Do you have any suggestions?

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6 Responses

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  1. Rick VanGameren says

    Just the other day I was wondering how long it had been since I’d seen a post from you – and here you are. It’s good to see you back!

    • Walter Feigenson says

      Rick, you just made my day! This kind of response makes the effort of writing the blog all worthwhile. Thanks for your kind words. -walt

  2. Jason @ REI Capital says

    I was wondering too Walter. I have you on my reader and for sure noticed the lack of posts since you were active. Glad to have you back

  3. Trace Cohen says

    For some reason as well, I was feeling nostalgic and visited your site today. Glad to see you have been working hard – got found! – and i’m happy to hear you’re back!

    • Walter Feigenson says

      Thanks Trace – and nice hearing from you. I was sad to see you leave, but I trust you went on to bigger and better things! -walt