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Podcasting – teaching my old mind new tricks

Inspired by Ian Griffin, I’m – well inspired – to try podcasting. Let’s just say my first entry (not ready yet) will be for the optically challenged among us.

If you want to try this too, it’s not very hard – check out Ian Griffin’s Professionally Speaking blog. I heard Ian speak a few days ago, and he made it all seem wonderful and within grasp. Of course, Ian is a professional speaker, so that may influence his thinking.

For me, it’s just a new road to examine on my trip to some still undefined place.

Most of Ian’s podcasts are interviews – and he’s got a really slick way of capturing his victims. He carries a small digital sound recorder around and gets people at conferences and other events to go off in a quiet corner somewhere to talk for a few minutes. Sort of like an audio-only Robert Scoble.

Well, I like that idea a whole lot, and I’m going to try it out myself. First post, though, will just be me talking to you. I’ll try to have that up in a few days. This is all part of my personal branding experience. Publishing is a good way to make yourself visible on the Internet, and podcasting brings an entirely new level of fame (infamy?) because the WordPress Podcasting plugin automatically gets you iTunes exposure.

Pretty soon, I won’t be able to walk down the street without being stopped by admirers. Or maybe not.

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