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After last night’s post, I wrote to the support group at Zoho about a problem running the spelling checker with Chrome, and a second support question about using Zoho Writer to post directly to my blog.

Good people and good companies should be rewarded. So tonight’s post is about the wonderful support at Zoho. Both my questions were answered promptly and fully – and intelligently. What a blast! Try doing that with Microsoft or Google.

This is the second time I’ve had to email Zoho, and I had a good experience both times. And this is free software. Microsoft software prices are outrageous, and you still can’t get support. Want to tell them how they could do something better? Fuggedaboutit. In contrast, here’s part of the Zoho reply to my last post (they actually took the time to come to my blog and read what I wrote – I’m sure Steve Ballmer is also a regular reader here…).

Hi Walt,

Thanks for your excellent review on Zoho!

Much appreciated!

We will be addressing your feature requests – auto-correct, numbering etc for Zoho Writer one by one in our next series of updates. Stay tuned!

Best Regards,


I don’t know about you, but I like doing business with people who want to do business with me. Part of that is caring about problems I have, and a genuine desire to listen to suggestions so they can make their product better. When is the last time you felt that way about your software vendors?

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