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SocialBrowse can be an active part of your personal branding

I’ve written about SocialBrowse before (here). It’s a great site that lets people share things they’re reading on the Internet. By itself, that wouldn’t be unusual, and there’s lots of competition: Friendfeed, Digg,, and others.

I haven’t written much here about personal branding, which is something I’ve gotten into in recent months. In fact, I do seminars in personal branding, and I’ll be starting my own website (, which currently points to my personal website). Here are the first five results of a recent Google search on my name:

You can impact your presence on Google, just as I have – and that’s the main point of my seminars. The results vary widely. On this day, LinkedIn showed first, as usual (for me), and big sites like ZoomInfo and Facebook showed up next. Younoodle is a great site you should check out if you’re interested in start-ups. It’s often high on the Google results.

But for you SocialBrowse fans, look what’s next: my SocialBrowse profile! That’s great, because the links I share and the comments I make can give a potential business partner, client, or employer a better idea of who I really am. So I get all the benefits of SocialBrowse – the reasons I gravitated to SocialBrowse rather than Friendfeed – plus I get a free and effortless boost in my efforts to create an Internet personality.

And that’s what personal branding is all about – controlling the image of yourself that other people will see.

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  1. Zack says

    Good stuff here. It’s certainly an interesting point that what you share and say on Socialbrowse fairly accurate reflects on you as a person. I feel like I’ve come to know people on Socialbrowse even without ever meeting them (or in some cases, seeing a real profile picture). Perhaps online dating sites could learn a little from this to create more accurate matches.

  2. Trace Cohen says

    As a fellow personal branding advocate and blogger, i couldnt agree with you more. As I do Google my name frequently just to see how my web presence is doing, I am always relieved to see that i get 15+ relevant results on the first 2 pages and that my efforts are paying off. Like you said, personal branding is all about controlling the image of yourself, both on and offline.

    Having just started my own personal branding company for students, I would love for you to go through my site and give any feedback or suggestions that you may have. I look forward to keeping in contact, thank!