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Success stories

This page is yours! Tell us about your personal branding efforts and how they helped you.

I teach personal branding – how it can help you in your career or profession. Some people “get it” and immediately start implementing the techniques I’ve packaged, but others are still intimidated.

My message is always “you can do this.” There’s nothing especially difficult about starting your own personal branding effort. It does take some time if you want to go past the basics, but there are plenty of rewards, and you don’t have to be technical to reap the benefits.

So tell us what you’ve done. Show us all that we can all learn how to market ourselves. As Jason Alba puts it, become CEO of Me, Inc.

5 Responses

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  1. Kay Anderson says

    I am not used to writing on blogs yet, but I have to tell you a very short story… While perusing the LinkedIn jobs today, I came across a company that was looking for an expert in SEO. Since I have heard Walt speak several times about the intricacies of SEO, I immediately thought of him. Walt has mastered so many of the tricks, I can honestly say that he has indeed captured the essence of personal branding. Success Walt! You are the SEO guru, which is what your “brand” is all about! Congratulations! I hope that company is lucky enough to find someone with half as many tricks as you have!

  2. Brian Pierskalla says

    SPOT ON Walt:

    In one of your classes I attended, you let people know that they should put their email address in their LinkedIn Summary Section. This not only lets your current connections find your email address quickly, but also allows people/connections/ & possible employers “outside” of your network to find you. I added it to my summary about a month ago, It worked! As of this morning, I’m gainfully employed because my new employer had found both of my email addresses at the bottom of my LinkedIn Summary page.

    Muchas Gracias Walt. Keep plugging Web 2.0

  3. Walter Feigenson says

    Whoa! What a great story Brian. Thanks for letting us all know! And good luck in your new job!!! -walt

  4. Personal Growth and Improvement says

    This is very nice site you have. I enjoyed browsing through it. Your site has a lot of useful information. thank you for sharing your info.

  5. Eduardo Salaz says

    I had the pleasure of hearing Walt give a presentation on the power of social networking and after the session immediatley set up my google email account, created several google alerts and am looking forward to learning more about blogs and the how to create a personal brand.

    Mil gracias Walt,

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