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Yahoo redefines snail mail

I used to speak frequently about how to get found on the Internet. One of my suggestions was to get a GMail account. This often ended up in a vigorous debate. Seems many Yahoo mail users like their email service.

Sorry, I ain’t one of them. I’ve had a Yahoo email account for many years. I hardly ever use it, because it’s so bad. Why?

  • Really intrusive, annoying, abusive, and totally ineffective ads. This has led me over the years to find new and better ways to avoid their ads, so the level that gets through to me now only obnoxious.
  • Unpredictable delivery – I’ve heard, and experienced, many horror stories about Yahoo mail. When you send mail from Yahoo, there’s no telling when/if it will arrive. And if you’re trying to receive email – well, you have the same problem.

Hence the reason for this post. If anybody at Yahoo is listening, here’s my horror story for tonight. I’ve been waiting for over 45 minutes to receive email from a credit card company I use for which I need to change my password. I’m in a catch-22… The credit card company, which is almost as inept as Yahoo, is broken. I cannot change my password through their web server, because some bug in their code brings me to an error page. Guess I’m their only customer, which is why they’ve never run into this problem before. 🙂

OK, the fallback is that this credit card supplier will email me a change password confirmation message. I have no doubt they did, in fact they sent two. And maybe they’ll show up tomorrow. But for tonight, fuggedaboutit.

All this might be excused if Yahoo wasn’t one of the biggest sources of spam on the Internet. But they are, so their efforts at blocking spam are kinda wonky.

While I’m at it, here’s another story one of my listeners once told me: she almost lost her daughter’s scholarship because of Yahoo mail delays. Or a small business owner who told me they lost business because of Yahoo mail delays. And yes, I’ve personally verified this. I can send mail from multiple email accounts. I can watch for myself how long it takes from GMail (instantaneous), and several other email accounts (instantaneous). Then there’s old Yahoo, redefining snail mail to now include an electronic version that rivals the good ol’ USPS.

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